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Working for the future with Remondis

22. August 2023
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The “White Shark“ leaves its territory

The road ahead is clear for our 37 tons heavy weight TITAN 950, and due to its special painting, the ARJES GmbH staff nicknamed it “White Shark”.

After the mobile two-shaft shredder was completed for our valued major customer REMONDIS, it was time to prepare the gigantic machine for its road trip to the South of Germany. Thanks to our dependable shipping partner Ender Transporte GmbH, who loaded the machine professionally with great care and precision, the transfer took place successfully. In the meantime, the TITAN 950 arrived at his new place called home, and there at the disposal and recycling centre, it will shred everything that is put into its high-volume shredding unit. With great pleasure we want to inform you, that the company SWE Südwestentsorgung GmbH from Freiburg now is proud owner of our high-performance TITAN 950. The mobile two-shaft shredder made by ARJES stood up against several competitors, and for certain it will improve the efficiency and productivity of the disposal company.

The “White Shark“ ready for its delivery to our major customer REMONDIS

As one of the most important recycling companies in Europe, REMONDIS has set standards for years on the recycling sector. With innovative technologies and sustainable solutions, this company makes an indispensable contribution to environmental protection and conservation of resources. With about 30 million customers and the collection and processing of more than 30 million tons of material flows per year, REMONDIS occupies the leading position on the German market.

At the same time, the IMPAKTOR 250 evo II arrived at its new operation site at the REMONDIS location in Magdeburg. The compact two-shaft shredder of the ARJES IMPAKTOR GmbH is a versatile helper for the waste management facility, when it comes to the processing of all types of waste. Our sales representative Mario Herrmann accompanied delivery and commissioning.

But that’s not all – with a mobile TITAN 950 and a stationary TITAN 900 e-pu, the next two orders were placed. We would like to thank the company REMONDIS for their trust in our products and look forward to a long-term and successful cooperation.