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Highlights of the mobile heavy-duty class
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Our arguments

  • Incl. standard attachments* (e.g. reversible fan, magnet, etc.)
  • Competitively superior range of applications
  • Revolutionary shaft quick change system
  • Standard crawler track system and cost-efficient transport
  • Innovative SCU plug and play control
Version Crawler track system
Length (mm) 11,000 / 11,000 (transport)
Width (mm) 3,000 / 3,000 (transport)
Height (mm) 4,200 / 3,700 (transport)
Weight (kg) 35,000
Engine type
(Volvo Penta)
TAD 1385 VE (EU/US)
TAD 1650 VE-B (ROW)**
Emission standard Stage V (EU)
EPA Tier IV (US)
Stage III A (ROW)**
Power (kW/PS) 405 / 550
Fuel capacity (l) 800
Gearbox Bonfiglioli

*Recommended retail price FCA plus applicable VAT and additional costs (transport, insurance, customs, etc.) | **Rest of the world (country-specific requirements) | Technical changes and errors reserved

The heavy-duty class is all about the heaviest chunks and the most demanding applications. With its competitively superior range of applications, the TITAN 900 is especially recommended for businesses that need to process a huge amount of household and commercial waste daily or deal with gigantic heavy-duty tires. The powerful two-shaft shredder was able to disassemble even 10-meter-long rotor blades made of GFK material in one piece.

„Where many throw in the towel, we take on the challenge”

Throughput rates

  • Commercial waste: ⌀ 25 – 50 t/h
  • Rubber and old tires: ⌀ 13 – 25 t/h
  • Light scrap: ⌀ 15 – 30 t/h
  • CFRP / GFRP waste: ⌀ 15 – 30 t/h
  • Waste wood A1 – A3: ⌀ 40 – 80 t/h
  • Wooden railway sleepers A4: ⌀ 25 – 50 t/h

The performance data given are average values without guarantee! The real values ​​depend on the equipment of the shredder, the shaft configuration, the position of the side combs, and the optimal material feed.

Technical highlights

Good maneuvering and transportability

The standard crawler track system stands for optimal mobility at the application site of the shredder and guarantees a quick and trouble-free loading onto a low-loader.

Quick change system for tool shafts

The easy and time-saving installation and dismounting of the pair of shafts guarantees a smooth operation and minimizes maintenance and repair efforts at the shredding shafts.

Hydraulically adjustable side combs

To determine the final output grain size, the combs can be closed or opened. In this way, the throughput of the shredder is adjusted to the material and the customer’s requirements.

TITAN 900 in Action

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