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Highlights of the mobile intermediate class

Our arguments

  • Incl. standard attachments* (e.g. reversible fan, magnet, etc.)
  • Largest range of applications
  • Revolutionary shaft quick change system
  • Hydraulically adjustable tilting hopper
  • Innovative SCU plug and play control
Version Crawler track system
Length (mm) 9,900 / 8,100 (transport)
Width (mm) 2,450 / 2,450 (transport)
Height (mm) 4,000 / 3.100 (transport)
Total weight (kg) 21,000
(Volvo Penta)
TAD 883 VE (EU/US)
TAD 853 VE (ROW)**
Emission standard Stufe V (EU)
EPA Tier IV (US)
Stufe III A (ROW)**
Power (kW/HP) 235 / 320
Fuel capacity (l) 400
Gearbox Bonfiglioli

*Recommended retail price FCA plus applicable VAT and additional costs (transport, insurance, customs, etc.) | **Rest of the world (country-specific requirements) | Technical changes and errors reserved

The mobile shredder in our intermediate class offers advantages that are a part of the standard ARJES design. This includes the crawler track system, the revolutionary shaft quick change system, an innovative SCU control system, and a paddle shaft design that guarantee long service life and durability. Typical operators are mainly to be found in composting and wood processing companies as well as in the processing of domestic
and commercial waste.

“Optimum cost-benefit ratio for maximum benefit to our customers and users”

Throughput rates

  • Commercial waste: ⌀ 12 – 25 t/h
  • Rubber and old tires: ⌀ 7 – 15 t/h
  • Trunk wood and rootstocks: ⌀ 15 – 30 t/h
  • Waste wood: ⌀ 20 – 40 t/h
  • Green waste: ⌀ 35 – 70 t/h
  • Paper and cardboard: ⌀ 15 – 30 t/h

The performance data given are average values without guarantee! The real values ​​depend on the equipment of the shredder, the shaft configuration, the position of the side combs, and the optimal material feed.


Mechanically adjustable side combs

To change the requested output grain size, the side-arranged combs can be opened or closed in full. Thus the throughput can be adjusted in accordance with the type of material and the customer‘s requirements.

Quick change system for tool shafts

Increase operational efficiency through quick and easy shaft changes and make maintenance and reprocessing of worn shredding shafts easier.

Hydraulically adjustable tilting hopper as standard

For loading via wheel loader with a shovel width of up to 3.60 m, the shredding unit is standard equipped with a tilting hopper that is adjustable up to 180°.

EKOMAXX 800 in Action

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