EKOMAXX 800 e-pu

Stationary Intermediate Class

For all customers with special requirements regarding exhaust and noise emissions, the stationary electric version of the EKOMAXX class is the right solution. Our Electric-Power-Unit machines are particularly energy-saving and efficient for the user, as they can be used for shredding the most difficult materials with significantly less maintenance.

5 convincing arguments

  • Best price-performance ratio in its class
    Extended assembly of discharge belt and over belt magnet possible according to customer needs
  • Largest range of applications
    Processing of different types of material with the toughest requirements
  • Revolutionary shaft quick-change system
    Shortens maintenance times, refurbishment and changing of different shaft types for uninterrupted operation
  • Integration in complete plants or usable as an invidual machine
    Flexible uses possible due to separate machine components
  • Universal operability
    Direct operation via remote control and optional integration into complete systems possible
  • Powerful electric engine performs with high efficiency and low energy costs
Technical Data
Engine Electric
Power (kW) 250
Gearbox Bonfiglioli

Technical changes and errors reserved


  • 1,000 mm wide and 7,000 mm long discharge belt for optimum material discharge


  • Height-adjustable permanent magnet for effective Fe-separation


  • Large-volume tilting hopper and two-shaft system incl. quick-change cassette
Technical Data
Hopper volume (m³) 4,00
Shaft length (mm) 2.000
Shaft diameter (mm) 680
Weight (kg / cassette) 2.500
Rotation speed (rpm) approx. 42

Technical changes and errors reserved

  • Operation via remote control
  • Optional integration into complete systems according to customer requirements
  • Used as an invidual machine
  • Optional integration in recycling plants according to customer needs
Technical Data
Version Stationary
Shredding Unit
Length (mm) 5.300*
Width (mm) 2.300
Height (mm) 3.000
Control Unit
Length (mm) 2.600
Width (mm) 1.600
Height (mm) 2.700
Total weight (kg) approx 18.000

* Specifications without discharge belt
Technical changes and errors reserved

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Highlights in detail

Separate drive and control unit

Due to separate placement of the shredding and control unit (max 8 meters in between) there is significant less vibration to the control system. Additionally, dust and dirt are reduced.

Quick change system for shafts

Easy installation and quick removal of shafts, for easier maintenance, refurbishment and changing of shaft type, which increases productivity.

Mechanically adjustable side combs

The side combs can be opened or closed, depending on material and customer requirements; decreasing the output size or increasing the throughput rate.

Fields of application

Waste Wood & Biomass

Waste wood is a versatile raw material that is worldwide used thermally, and for the production of material. It is waste and biomass at the same time.
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Household & Commercial Waste

Whether our private or commercial waste ends up as substitute fuel in the waste incinerator or can be recycled, it must first be shredded.
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