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Commercial Waste

We have shredders of various sizes in our range for processing your waste, including mattresses and fishing nets.

Rubber and Waste Tires

Our systems are perfectly equipped for shredding your rubber and tyre waste, including oversized AS or EM tires.

Automotive and Light Scrap

Dismantle and separate metallic and non-metallic light scrap from small cars to SUVs with the help of our shredders.


Efficient shredding of carbon or glass fibre reinforced plastics, such as discarded rotor blades from wind turbines

Natural and Waste Wood

Process organic waste such as waste wood, green waste and rootstocks with our reliable two-shaft shredders.

Paper and Cardboard

Economical processing of paper waste, including densely compressed pulp bales, with our asynchronous shredding technology.

Which two-shaft shredder is the right one for your daily challenges? Find out now!