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Commercial Waste

Don't waste it - reuse it

Our solution

Commercial waste covers a broad range of garbage coming from households, offices, shops, and other commercial facilities. That waste stream contains different types of material, e.g. organic components, packages, paper, plastics, glass, metals, and counting.

Even for the most demanding challenges like mattresses or fishing nets, our high-performance shredders provide the right solution to handle your problematic materials.


  • to obtain secondary raw materialReprocessing of recyclable materials
  • to produce energyIncineration of non-recyclable waste to produce heat or power

ARJES shredders in action

Good to know!

The extreme variety of waste types constitutes great difficulties with regard to separation, disposal, and treatment. There are many countries throughout the world, where those issues are governed by laws and regulations. However, such regulations vary from country to country. We take this challenge as motivation to put our two-shaft shredders even there into use, where others call it quits.

Our recommendations

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