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Natural and Waste Wood

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Our solution

Waste wood, green waste, and rootstocks are different types of biological waste, which originates from plant material. It is often collected from gardens, parks, construction sites and other sources. Such waste flows can be treated and recycled in different ways.

A particular challenge are palm or cultivated plants, which are interwoven with plastic mesh serving as growth support. Here again, the asynchronous drive system of our robust shredding shafts provide the right solution.


  • to produce secondary raw materialsProduction of chipboards, furniture, paper, and more
  • for thermal utilizationProduction of wood chips / wooden pellets as combustible for generation of energy
  • for compostingBiomass to be processed in composting plants



The ways to dispose natural and waste wood are different in dependence on type and intended application. Some wood types can be recycled or reused otherwise, others are just to be utilized thermally. However, there is one thing all disposal companies of the industry have in common: at first, they need a powerful shredder for volume reduction!


    Do you have specific challenges to overcome? Here you will find the right two-shaft shredder!