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COMPAKTOR 300 e-pu

Highlights of the stationary compact class

Our arguments

  • Most cost-effective purchase
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Revolutionary shaft quick change system
  • Integration into recycling plants
  • Easy to transport
Version Stationary
Shredding unit
  Length (mm) 3,300 / 6,750 (incl. discharge belt)
  Width (mm) 2,300
  Height (mm) 3,200
  Weight (kg) 12,000
Control unit
  Length (mm) 2,700
  Width (mm) 1,600
  Height (mm) 2,700
  Weight (kg) 3,500
Engine Electric
Gearbox Bonfiglioli

Technical changes and errors reserved

With our compact two-shaft shredder, plant operators looking to expand their facilities with a stationary electric version will find a reliable processing system at the best price-performance ratio in the industry. The shredder is divided into two separate units, which enables easy integration into existing recycling plants or use as a stand-alone machine.

“Highest efficiency with lowest investment and maintenance costs”

Throughput rates

  • Commercial waste: ⌀ 7 – 15 t/h
  • Rubber and old tires: ⌀ 6 – 12 t/h
  • Aluminium: ⌀ 7 – 15 t/h
  • Waste wood: ⌀ 7 – 15 t/h
  • Green waste: ⌀ 12 – 25 t/h
  • Paper and cardboard: ⌀ 5 – 10 t/h

The performance data given are average values without guarantee! The real values ​​depend on the equipment of the shredder, the shaft configuration, the position of the side combs, and the optimal material feed.


Separate drive and control unit

Due to the separate installation of the shredding and control unit with a maximum distance of 6 meters to each other, vibrations on the control system are clearly minimized. Additionally, this effects a dust and dirt reduction.

Quick change system for tool shafts

Easy installation and dismounting of the tool shafts within a very short time makes it easy to maintain, refurbish and change the shafts with an almost uninterrupted operation.

Mechanically adjustable side combs

To change the requested output grain size, the side-arranged combs can be opened or closed in full. Thus the performance of the shredder can be adjusted in accordance with the type of material and the customer’s requirements.

COMPAKTOR 300 e-pu in Action

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