Scrap Metal & Car Bodies

Every piece of scrap can be turned into money

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Scrap and metal are significant secondary raw materials. By recycling waste of this kind, it is possible to save increasingly scarce and valuable raw materials, which also reduces energy consumption. Especially in the steel industry as well as in metal processing companies, professional disposal and reuse is worthwhile.

The scrap to be recycled is first crushed and then sorted according to different criteria using various separation processes. The sorted recyclable materials are melted down for further processing and used to manufacture new products.

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After the removal of saleable used parts, end-of-life vehicles are shredded and the materials are separated into different fractions, such as metals, light metals, plastics, etc. The share of scrap will be processed for the further usage and production of new steel.


Mixed scrap is any form of waste that consists of more than one type of metal. The most diverse recyclable materials must undergo shredding and sorting processes before being recycled.


More than 40 million tonnes of e-waste are generated worldwide every year. The material compounds have enormous raw material potentials that should not be lost in a modern circular economy. The recycling of the metals or plastics contained
requires efficient pre-shredding.


Due to the valuable components, cables have a high priority in recycling. The long cables are first pre-shredded into short pieces and then further processed in granulators until the coveted raw materials such as copper and aluminium separate from the PVC insulation.