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Today, ARJES is a worldwide leading supplier and manufacturer of exceptional double-shaft shredders with high mobility and a competitive superior range of applications. Our products ensure strong growth as well as economic success.

Since the company was founded in 2007, around 200 employees at the site in Leimbach, Thuringia have been producing trend-setting solutions for the processing of green, stem and waste wood; plastic and industrial waste; scrap metal as well as construction and mineral debris. Behind the “We” is an equally competent and committed team of experienced employees who apply their knowledge to reach a high level of sustainability.

ARJES at a glance

Head office Krayenberggemeinde OT Merkers / Germany
Founded 2007
Employees approx. 110
Company Size 25.500 sqm
Management Thomas Hayn (General Manager, Share Holder)
Bianca Brodrecht (Authorised Signatory, Head of Administration, Finance and Human Resources)
Christian Hennig (Authorised Signatory, Operations Manager)

Such a waste

Our planet Earth is a huge garbage dump! The cause is a combination of various factors, the most crucial of them being the constant population growth of around 250,000 people a day. In addition, unrestrained consumer behavior in the industrialized countries, mismanagement of the raw materials available as well as unprofessional and illegal disposal of all kinds of waste; are causing serious consequences in some parts of the world.

Approximately, 2 billion tons of household waste, unmeasurable quantities of industrial and all sorts of waste are recorded every day, presenting enormous challenges for all of us. The consequences of all the mentioned factors are a serious pollution of rivers, soil and air that result in increasingly severe natural disasters, disease, poverty and hunger. If this behavioral development is not stopped, the amount of waste will increase by more than 70 percent by 2050.

Sustainable solutions for a clean environment

ARJES has been in the recycling industry and fabricating double-shaft shredding machines for more than 30 years. With our vast experience we create technical solutions to solve and address the major challenges posed by the growing mountains of waste. By working closely with our customers, evaluating tests and practical applications of our machines, we are able to create innovative concepts for the processing of numerous materials in the field of waste recycling.

Our ability to solve problems; the maximum mobility and flexibility of our products; the extremely versatile range of applications and an absolutely convincing price-performance ratio are all positive points that make ARJES a sought-after manufacturer of reliable recycling machines. Last but not least, the basis of our dynamic growth and strong market position is formed by the innovative strength of each individual employee.

A solution for each challenge!

We specialize in developing and manufacturing innovative, slow running double-shaft shredders with which we successfully are able to manage any field of application by running the shafts in both synchronous and asynchronous mode. Each tool shaft may be individually programmed to meet our customers’ requirements. Our shredding shafts are made of highly durable steel with excellent surface hardening protection and changing them is a fast and easy procedure thanks to our revolutionary quick-change cassette system. The possible applications of our products are as versatile as the challenges presented by the industry.

5 convincing arguments

There are many good reasons why our customers choose ARJES, the most important ones:

  • Best price-performance ratio in the industry
  • Competitively superior range of applications
  • Revolutionary quick-change shaft system
  • High mobility in any situation
  • Innovative plug-and-play control

Worldwide distribution and support

We offer you shredders and recycling technology around the globe via a worldwide sales network. Our international sales partners support you in all matters relating to procurement, financing, transport and service as well as all of your possible needs. Our qualified and experienced specialists guarantee a conscientious execution of all services and are available for you at any time. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive on-site service with our own technicians and those of our partners and we guarantee to supply spare parts when needed. We are there for you when you need quick and reliable assistance!

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Our Development

2006 – 2007


ARJES GmbH marked the new beginning for the company’s founder and pioneer of double-shaft shredding machines Mr. Norbert Hammel, who bought the site of the old concrete plant in Leimbach, Thuringia and converted it into a modern production facility being the VZ 750 shredder its first creation; developed for the purpose of processing waste wood and green waste. ARJES comes from the Latin word meaning “ram” it’s a symbol for dynamism, energy, upswing and power and it is connected to the family name of the company’s founders Norbert & Tetyana Hammel.

Number of employees: 19

2008 – 2009


The RAPTOR, was the first twin-shaft shredder with a mechanical direct drive; it expanded ARJES’ GmbH production range and satisfied customers with its reduced fuel consumption and high throughput rates. Through the distinctive “T-shaft Technology”, Norbert Hammel developed an innovative cutting geometry for tool shafts “. Bio gas plants began to use our environmentally conscious electric machines, meanwhile, the expansion of the Leimbach production site continued.

Number of employees: 53

2010 – 2011


During this time ARJES GmbH established itself on the world market of the recycling industry by participating in national and international trade fairs, while back at home renovation and construction work was taking place throughout our production halls and the rest of the company. In addition to our RAPTOR series, the BIOMASTER was developed for shredding and screening biomass and green waste in one step and the 4-in-4 square screen was ingeniously built into the conveyor belt and designed to separate the different grain size.

Number of employees: 95

2012 – 2013


This was a great year! Not only did we produce our very own and first Hammer mill, for shredding car bodies, for a recycling plant in South Korea and our first VZ 950 shredder was presented at BAUMA 2013 in Munich, Europe’s largest construction machinery trade fair. ARJES celebrated its 5thyear anniversary and completed its range of primary shredders with the VZ 850. Also the premiere of our TRISTAR triple shaft shredder took place at “Recycling Aktiv” Trade Fair 2013 in Baden-Baden.

Number of employees: 90

2014 – 2015


Mr. Thomas Hayn became the new management director and shareholder of ARJES GmbH; we redesigned our logo and adopted our new slogan “Recycling Innovation”. ARJES introduced itself in the international market with a more expressive and dynamic image; our refreshed corporate image and new technical developments were presented at “IFAT” Trade Fair 2014 in Munich. We landed national and international dealer representations and teamed up to assist at trade fairs. Along with this fresh wind came new innovations and so this year the first post-shredding solution, the NZ 250, was built and designed to obtain a finer final grain size. Also, the US broadcaster Discovery Channel made a story about our VZ 950 and chose it as one of its TOP 5 stories for 2015.

Number of employees: 115

2016 – 2017


As ARJES celebrated its 10th year anniversary, our ARJES IMPAKTOR series made its debut at the “Bauma” Trade Fair 2016 in Munich generating an overwhelming response from the public. Our star, the IMPAKTOR 250 “stone crusher”, was the most successful launch in our company’s history and made us very proud as it received the “Technical Innovation Award” under the category “New Machine Developments in Spain.  During this time at the other side of the world, another one of our machines was making great progress, in the Arabian Peninsula in Kuwait, the VZ 950 DK shredded about 14 million old tires fulfilling its mission to help our environment!

Number of employees: 137

2018 – 2019


At the “IFAT” 2018 trade fair in Munich, we presented the new TITAN series to our customers for the first time and showcased the revolutionary quick-change shaft system for our tool shafts. In the same period, we entered into a partnership with Bandit Industries in the USA, which brought the company new market shares and made ARJES GmbH even better known around the globe! The introduction of the next evolutionary stage, the IMPAKTOR 250 evo, at the “Bauma” 2019 trade fair in Munich ensured full order books and a significant increase in production at the company. In fall of the same year, further development of the VZ 950 TITAN was presented at the “Recycling Aktiv” trade fair in Karlsruhe, which was optimized for the processing of green waste, wood, commercial waste and minerals. On Chinese state television, the channel “CCTV” exclusively reported on ARJES during the “2nd International Import Export” in Shangai.

Number of employees: 170

2020 – TODAY


Grandiose! The 500th machine of the type IMPAKTOR 250 evo was produced and delivered to one of our customers in Thuringia. On this occasion, the entrepreneur Falk Wedekind was warmly welcomed to the celebration at our factory in Leimbach and awarded with a certificate for holding the 500th machine of our collection.  In various areas of our company, an expansion and modernization of the production and storage areas is currently taking place and the construction plans for a new administration building is also in full swing. Despite all the negative effects caused by the Corona crisis, we can proudly claim to have closed 2020 as the year with the highest turnover and thus the most successful year in the company’s history. At the beginning of 2021, ARJES GmbH announced the strategic realignment of the entire machine portfolio. The IMPAKTOR (compact class) and TITAN (performance class) product lines will be supplemented by the introduction of the new EKOMAXX line (medium class). The aim of this strategic division is to always offer our customers the optimum solution for their individual requirements in every price class!

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Number of employees: 177 (as of 31.12.2020)