Household & Commercial Waste

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Regardless as to whether our private or commercial waste ends up as substitute fuel in the waste incinerator or it can be recycled – Packaging material, bulky waste, used tyres and many other types of waste must be shredded first.

Since the composition of household and commercial waste varies greatly in different countries around the world, a shredding technology is needed that can withstand this unruly mix of materials and process it ideally.

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Waste from commercial operations contains many materials such as plastic, wood, paper, rubber, glass or metal. In addition to shredding, effective separation of metal-containing materials is of particular interest. This material mix is usually for the production of substitute fuel.


With a share of about 98 %, used tyres are utterly significant for material recycling. Recovered rubber granulate is used in insulation materials, in road construction or as flooring for playgrounds. Non-recyclable tyres are sent for thermal recycling.


The recycling of CFRP/GFRP materials (the main component of rotor blades) is an important subject for wind turbine operators. After being shredded and subjected to a clean separation process, the glass-fibre reinforced plastics can be recycled sustainably.


Paper and cardboard packaging are traditionally considered to be the oldest recycled product with the highest recyclability rate. Paper fibres can be recycled up to 25 times. The recovered material is used to create new products, such as newsprint, sanitary products and office papers.