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The construction industry is one of the most resource-intensive in the world. The stock of buildings and infrastructure represents a significant man-made resource. These can be recycled after demolition.

Nowadays, up to 90 % of construction and demolition waste is processed for the extraction of so-called secondary raw materials. Our shredders create the basis for these recycled building materials, which are mainly used in road construction, earthworks or landfill construction.

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Mixed construction waste contains both, mineral (stone, brick, concrete) and non-mineral components (metal, wood, glass). In short: everything that is left behind during demolition. The raw materials produced after crushing are returned to the economic cycle as secondary raw materials.


Concrete sleepers play an important role in rail traffic. To ensure the safety of train traffic, they must be replaced regularly. The hard concrete with reinforcing steel is first crushed and the iron content sorted out.


Recycled asphalt is increasingly used in the production of road pavements worldwide. Crushing and screening are followed by processing in asphalt mixing plants. At the end, the processed secondary raw material is reused by road pavers.


Clay is a naturally occurring material consisting mainly of mineral clay particles. This extremely sticky mineral, which behaves like plasticine when crushed and prepared, provides an optimal raw material for the production of tiles.