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30. May 2023
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Company Schlabbers and their first EKOMAXX 800 for daily operation

Over the last ten years, container service Schlabbers from Kevelaer has undergone an impressive development.  What started as a small company founded by brothers Stefan and Christian Schlabbers, has turned into a certified specialist disposal company for all kinds of customers. If that isn’t enough, Schlabbers now took the next logical step forwards and bought a mobile two-shaft shredder type EXOMAXX 800 made by ARJES.

The mobile two-shaft shredder EKOMAXX 800 in daily use for shredding green waste

In the founding year 2012, there were already five other container services in the Kevelaer region. Unimpressed by this, Stefan Schlabbers purchased a small skip trailer to start a secondary employment with his acquaintances as clients. That decision turned out to be dead right, because since then, the catchment area has grown up to a radius of 50 km. The area of Kleve in North Rhine-Westphalia can’t be imagined without Schlabbers’ container service, which developed to a successful company with more than 25 employees. To meet the needs of the market, in 2018 a new company site with own treatment installations was built. The main focus is on mobile treatment, sorting and recycling. Up to 3,000 tons of construction waste can be recycled professionally per week. Since 2020, the recycling centre is a certified specialist disposal company. With such a certification, Schlabbers has a unique feature in comparison to other local disposal companies, and this is of a high value, especially for municipal contracts.

Schlabbers GmbH strives to process waste products best possible and put them to good use. Among others, that includes the own treatment of waste wood to supply local wood-fired and biomass power plants, for power and district heat generation. To make it possible for Christian and his brother Stefan to offer high-quality waste wood from own production to a fair price, the two looked for a mobile shredder that is able to process the material directly at the customer’s premises. In addition, it should be flexible enough to process other types of waste like commercial waste, tires and green cuttings.

Managing Director Christian Schlabbers (Schlabbers GmbH) and Sales Representative Thomas Priewe (Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung GmbH)

The way to a new EKOMAXX 800 led across personal support and advice given by the ARJES sales partner Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung GmbH. For many years, sales representative Thomas Priewe is first point of contact for the brothers when it comes to efficient treatment machinery. Priewe took the introduction of the new mobile intermediate class of ARJES as a reason to organize a demo tour via Moerschen that also included the premises of Schlabbers GmbH. The moment Christian Schlabbers saw the EKOMAXX 800 arriving on a low-bed truck he was sceptical at first, because obviously he expected a much larger shredder to come. “At first I really thought, you must have stolen that thing in Legoland,” his brother Stefan joked during the interview. “But to be honest, we had 2 to 3 other machines here for demonstrations. But in terms of its own weight and the throughput that was shown, it was the best machine that has been here so far.” Since January 2023, the EKOMAXX 800 is in full operation on the company site of Schlabbers GmbH in North Rhine-Westphalia. On average, the mobile two-shaft shredder processes 35 – 40 tons of green waste and 20 tons of waste wood per hour on a daily basis.

With the EKOMAXX 800, Schlabbers GmbH not only expanded their machine park, they also underscored their demand always to be on the latest state of the art. The brothers are proud to support their private and commercial customers with a wider range of services thanks to the efficient and flexible use of the mobile two-shaft shredder.

They look ahead into the future at ease and optimistically. Even though the current daily work routine at the company site is optimally utilized, it cannot be ruled out that in the years ahead, further technology will be purchased. As usual, this will be a spontaneous and pragmatic decision for Christian and Stefan to make. The buying of the ARJES EKOMAXX 800 was based on the situation, not a long-term investment plan. For Schlabbers, it is more important to consistently pursuing their core objective: to offer “treatment and logistics from one provider”.

The premises of the certified waste management company Schlabbers GmbH from Kevelaer.