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3 Jun 2021

“Our ARJES IMPAKTOR 250 evo has dramatically changed the way we recycle and has made hitting our recycling goals simple & easy. 100%.” Aimee Tichband, Managing Director of Copia Metals & Waste limited, talks about the day-to-day challenges of her business and the deal she was able to strike with our UK distributor, Doyle Machinery. Read more

5 May 2021
10 Mar 2021

In general, the topic of waste separation and recycling is unfortunately not yet dealt with as intensively in Israel as it is in Europe. Nevertheless, there is a strong interest and only a few competitive machines that can handle the diverse mixed material. In particular, the ARJES shredders of the IMPAKTOR and TITAN classes, whose strengths lie in the asynchronous principle of the shredding shafts, or the so-called omnivores, are very popular. Read more

10 Feb 2021

The smallest machine in the ARJES product range has now travelled to many places in Finland as a demonstration machine and the experience from the first warm-up is promising, says Kivisampo. Thanks to two slowly rotating tool shafts, the two-axle compact crusher with track system crushes a wide range of materials without jamming and with a decent impact force for its size. Read more

14 Jan 2021

The year 2020 is history and, like many other companies, the consequences of the Corona pandemic have not left us unscathed. Nevertheless, we can say with a clear conscience that we have completed the past year successfully. Read more