ARJES and HWH’s large-scale tire recycling demo at RATL 2023

Used tires are among the most serious environmental problems of our time. Millions of worn or disused tires are replaced every single year. But what happens to them? Without a proper use, they are disposed of in landfills or illegal dumping sites, leading to serious environmental problems such as soil and water contamination. Recycling has a crucial role to play in tackling this issue; with the use of innovative technologies, such as the ARJES twin-shaft shredders, we’re able to process car, truck, and tractor tires, as well as huge EM tires, in a way that is both ecologically and economically beneficial.

At the RATL 2023 trade fair (RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE), ARJES and HWH Machines will be showing off the process of pre-shredding truck and tractor tires – one of the first and most crucial steps in the recycling loop.

With an exceptionally wide field of view and strong performance, the Fuchs MHL320 is the best choice for industrial waste recycling. Its double-edged cylinder bearings on the loading equipment, high-performance cooling system with distributed coolers, and double-row ball bearing slewing ring ensure a long service life. Presented and showcased by our sales partner HWH Machines, this material handler is used to load scrap tires into the twin-shaft shredder.

These tires have made their final journey – now it’s time to meet the shredder. The stationary twin-shaft shredder ARJES TITAN 900 d-pu handles its task masterfully. A high-volume hopper ensures optimum feeding, sending tires past the two shredding shafts as they spin asynchronously and in opposite directions. The durable tire material, made of tough rubber and wire mesh, demands a lot from the machine – but, as you’ll see on the RATL demo site, the TITAN 900 d-pu is powered by a 405kW diesel engine, making it more than up to the task. Alternatively, the stationary shredder can also run on two strong 160kW electric motors, in which case installation will be designated ‘e-pu’ instead. Both the electric and diesel versions will be shown in the exhibition area of RecyclingAKTIV at booth F254 of ARJES and HWH Machines.

In addition to our shared booth with HWH Machines, you’ll also find two other ARJES sales partners at the trade fair, Kurz Aufbereitungsanlagen and Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung, who both impressed visitors with their brilliant live demo just last year. This year, they’ll be presenting some new ARJES products in their booth and demo – the IMPAKTOR 250 evo II and EKOMAXX 800. Interested visitors to the trade fair and ARJES customers will need only to turn around to find their booth, as ARJES’ RATL 2023 booth is directly opposite that of our esteemed sales partners!

From 27th – 29th April 2023, around 235 manufacturers and dealers, from medium-sized companies to huge corporations, will all come together to provide a massive demonstration of all the machines, systems, and complementary services available on the market at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Center. We at ARJES and our sales partners are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Scrap tire recycling XXL-sized? HWH Machines and ARJES will be showing what this looks like in practice at RATL 2023.

The power of the asynchronously running paddle shafts shreds even the heaviest scrap tires