TITAN 950 e-pu

Stationary heavy-duty class

For all customers with special requirements regarding exhaust and noise emissions, the stationary electric version TITAN 950 e-pu is the right solution. Our electric power unit machines are particularly energy-saving and efficient for the user, as they can be used for shredding the most difficult materials with significantly less maintenance. Countless applications can be found in the shredding of car bodies, mixed scrap metal* as well as in the processing of particularly challenging commercial waste.

5 convincing arguments

  • Best price-performance ratio in its class
    Extended assembly of discharge belt and overbelt magnet possible according to customer requirements
  • Largest range of applications
    Processing of many types of material with the highest requirements (such as car bodies, mixed scrap metal*, engine blocks, white goods etc.)
  • Revolutionary shaft quick-change system
    Facilitates maintenance, preparation and changing of the shaft type for uninterrupted operation
  • Highest efficiency
    For the most difficult materials with the lowest energy costs
  • Universal operability
    Direct operation via remote control and optional integration into complete systems possible

* up to a maximum of 5 mm material thickness

  • Powerful electric motor convinces with high efficiency and low energy costs
Technical Data
Engine Electric
Power (kW) 2 x 250
Gearbox Bonfiglioli

Optionally available!

  • Conveyor belt for efficient material discharge according to customer requirements

Optionally available!

  • Height-adjustable permanent magnet for effective Fe separation
  • Large-volume hopper with shaft system with quick-change cassette
  • Optional use of concrete, metal or paddle shafts according to material requirements
Technical Data
Hopper volume (m³) 5
Shaft length (mm) 2.500
Shaft diameter (mm) 950
Weight (kg/cassette) 7.000
Rotation speed (rpm) 15 – 45
  • Operation via remote control
  • Optional integration into complete systems according to customer requirements
  • Use as stand-alone machine
  • Optional integration into recycling plants according to customer requirements
Technical Data
Version Stationary
Shredding Unit
Length (mm) 4.500
Width (mm) 3.200
Height (mm) 4.700
Control Unit
Length (mm) 3.500
Width (mm) 2.300
Height (mm) 2.300
Total weight (kg) approx. 30.000

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Highlights in detail

Seperate drive and control unit

Due to the separate placement up to a maximum distance of 8 meters, significantly less vibration is affecting the control system. Additionally dust and dirt are reduced.

Quick change system for tool shafts

Easy installation and removal of the shaft pair within the shortest time, facilitates maintenance, preparation and changing of the shaft type for uninterrupted operation.

Hydraulically damped side combs

For particularly rough and heavy metal parts, the suspension of the hydraulically side combs is located above the shafts, which are automatically folded out if the resistance is too high.

Fields of application

Biomass & Green Waste

For the effective use of organic solid resources in bio-power plants by processing green waste and tree branches. Read more

Stem Wood & Roots

The massive material of stem wood, root stocks and logging residue is broken up first by our aggressive ripper hooks. Read more

Waste Wood

Processing waste wood of categories A1 to A4 like demolition wood, cable drums and pallets for material or thermal recycling. Read more

Waste & Plastics

Shredding domestic and industrial waste saves landfill space and enables sorting and separating of valuable ressources. Read more

Scrap Metal & Cars

Reducing the volume of valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals with specialized shafts and asynchronous drive. Read more

C&D Debris & Mineral Waste

At construction sites debris like concrete, asphalt, tiles, etc. need to be reduced in volume to be processed and disposed. Read more