TITAN 900 / 950

Mobile heavy-duty class

In nature, the element TITAN (titanium) stands for strength, reliability and durability. These characteristics have been and continue to be the key specifications for the development of the double-shaft shredders within the ARJES heavy-duty class. In order to be able to guarantee the best results within a wide range of applications, the mobile shredders are equipped with a track system as a standard feature and are available in two different versions. Our TITAN shredders feature a revolutionary quick-change shaft system, an innovative SCU control and a shaft design that meets the most difficult requirements. Numerous applications for this shredder can be found in the industry of construction and demolition; of shredding mixed scrap metal*, car bodies, tires; of processing household and commercial waste, as well as in the composting and wood processing plants industries.

5 convincing arguments

  • Best price-performance ratio in its class
    Including standard attachments (e.g. overbelt magnet)
  • Largest range of applications
    Processing of many types of material with the toughest requirements (such as car bodies, mixed scrap*, AG- and EM-tires, concrete railway sleepers, waste wood, roots etc.)
  • Revolutionary shaft quick-change system
    Shortens maintenance times, refurbishment and changing different shaft types for uninterrupted operation
  • Maximum mobility in every situation
    track system as standard and cost effective transport
  • Innovative SCU plug-and-play control
    Predefined shredding programs that control rotation and speed of shafts for user-friendly operability

* up to a maximum of 3 mm material thickness

  • Powerful VOLVO PENTA diesel engine for the maximum efficency during the shredding proccess
Technical Data
(Volvo Penta)
TAD1385VE (EU)
TAD1672VE (US)
Emission standardEU Stage V (EU)
EPA Tier 4f (US)
Power (kW/HP)405/550 (EU)
515/700 (US)
Fuel capacity (l)800


  • Self cleaning CLEANFIX fan for ideal air circulation and dirt reduction in the engine compartment
  • Conveyor belt for efficient material discharge up to a height of 4,000 mm
  • Cross belt for lateral discharge of the separated Ne fraction (Principal feature for TITAN 950)
Technical Data
Discharge height (mm)max 4,000
Width (mm)1.200
Includedheight adjustable over-belt magnet
Discharge height (mm)max 3,600
Width (mm)1.000 (Ne-Fraction)
1.200 (Fe-Fraction)
IncludedCross belt and length magnet


  • Strong permanent magnet for effective FE separation
  • TITAN 900 with height-adjustable over-belt magnet
  • TITAN950 with longitudinal, built-in rigid permanent magnet
  • Large-volume hopper and double shaft system with quick-change cassette
  • Optional use of concrete, metal or paddle shafts according to material requirements
Technical Data
Hopper volume (m³)5
Shaft length (mm)2.500
Shaft diameter (mm)860
Weight (kg/cassette)7.000
Rotation speed (rpm)15 – 45
  • Including remote control and predefined shredding programs that adjust rotation and speed of shafts


  • Guaranteed high mobility on uneven surfaces
  • Optional rubber elements to avoid ground damage
Technical Data
VersionTrack system
Length (mm)11.000 / 11.000 (Transport)
Width (mm)3.000 / 3.000 (Transport)
Height (mm)4.200 / 3.600 (Transport)
Total weight (kg)35.000
Length (mm)13.000 / 13.000 (Transport)
Width (mm)5.700 / 3.000 (Transport)
Height (mm)4.500 / 3.600 (Transport)
Total weight (kg)37.000

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Highlights in detail

Great mobility and easy transportation

The standardised track system provides optimal mobility at the operational site and makes transportation on a low-bed truck even more affordable and efficient.

Quick change system for tool shafts

Easy installation and quick removal of shafts, for easier maintenance, refurbishment and changing of shaft type, which increases more productivity.

Automatically pressure controlled damping system (TITAN 950)

If the resistance is too high, the side combs marked in red retract inwards and outwards hydrologically. This prevents damage to the shredding unit and regulates the size of the shredded material.

Fields of application

Biomass & Green Waste

For the effective use of organic solid resources in bio-power plants by processing green waste and tree branches. Read more

Stem Wood & Roots

The massive material of stem wood, root stocks and logging residue is broken up first by our aggressive ripper hooks. Read more

Waste Wood

Processing waste wood of categories A1 to A4 like demolition wood, cable drums and pallets for material or thermal recycling. Read more

Waste & Plastics

Shredding domestic and industrial waste saves landfill space and enables sorting and separating of valuable ressources. Read more

Scrap Metal & Cars

Reducing the volume of valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals with specialized shafts and asynchronous drive. Read more

C&D Debris & Mineral Waste

At construction sites debris like concrete, asphalt, tiles, etc. need to be reduced in volume to be processed and disposed. Read more