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Shredding & Screening

To harness solid bioenergy sources in corresponding heat and power plants, it is necessary to pre-process the source material like green waste, yard waste and branches. With the brand new BioMaster we offer an all-in-one solution that allows you to separate the biomass from fine materials such as sand, stones and soil and thus getting ideal heating fuel.

Features at a glance

  • Patented T-blade profile guarantees a precise cutting process (energy savings up to 15%)
  • Two tilting hoppers for optimal feeding of the material to the tool shafts
  • Integrated hydraulically adjustable screen deck for material separation with variable separation distances
  • Automatic reversing function protects against fracture of the cutting tools
  • Low noise level due to effective sound insulation and low engine speed
  • Track system guarantees unrestricted maneuverability even on difficult terrain
  • Low wear and maintenance costs and maintenance friendly modular design

Technical changes, print errors and mistakes reserved. All data are approximate values of the standard model. Latest Revision: May 2015

ModelPerformance (kW/hp)Length x Width x Height (mm)Shafts (mm)Weight (kg)
BioMaster565 kW (768 hp)10.600 x 2.900 x 3.2002.00027.000


Processing waste wood of categories A1 to A4 like demolition wood, cable drums and pallets for material or thermal recycling.

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Stem Wood

The massive material of stem wood, root stocks and logging residue is broken up first by our aggressive ripper hooks.

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