For a long time the purchase price of steel and other capital goods had decreased or remained the same, but that has not been the case lately, during the past five months the price of purchase has risen sharply. Unfortunately, this affects our end customer directly because the increase in the purchase price on steel and capital goods has a direct impact on the price of the machine and replacement parts whose cost also increases. Several of our competitors as well as machine manufacturers within the industry have already implemented or announced their massive price increase.

Oh no! Increase in price? Not at ARJES!

Thanks to good relations with our suppliers, we were able to negotiate excellent conditions last year and we made long-term supply contracts with large purchase volumes to ensure and secure the supply to our company. Another reason why we may keep the stability of our prices is the significant, efficient increase of our manufacturing processes, made possible to the cooperation of our reliable and highly effective partner plant in the Ukraine

This way we can keep stable prices on our machines, spare and wear parts and continue to stay true to our philosophy.

“The ultimate shredders with the best price-performance ratio in the industry”

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