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22 Aug 2023
The “White Shark“ leaves its territory The road ahead is clear for our 37 tons heavy weight TITAN 950, and due to its special painting, the ARJES GmbH staff nicknamed it “White Shark”. After the mobile two-shaft shredder was completed for our valued major customer REMONDIS, it was time to prepare the gigantic machine for its road trip to the South of Germany. Thanks to our dependable shipping partner Ender Transporte GmbH, who loaded the machine professionally with great care and precision, the transfer took place successfully. In the meantime, the TITAN 950 arrived at his new place called home,
15 Jul 2021
First start-up of the 200th TITAN 950 machine type! Sometimes, like everything else in life, the paths traveled between ARJES and its partners have not been easy. However, time proves that having determination and confidence pays off in the long run. We often experience how initial skepticism turns into trust, resulting in the promised success.  Just like our compact shredding wonder IMPAKTOR, which after 6 years has become an indispensable part of the recycling market; our high-performance shredder, TITAN, has also become a real guarantee of success over the past 2 years. At the beginning of July 2021, filled with
8 Jul 2021
ARJES GmbH and Albert Freise GmbH continue to collaborate together Albert Freise came to Germany in the 1950s as an immigrant from the region of Silesia, now Poland. In the district of Lippe in North Rhine-Westphalia, he earned his living as an employee transporting gravel and sandstone for companies and communities in the surrounding area. In May 1959 Albert founded his own company, at the beginning he exclusively worked as a haulage contractor. After a while, however, he realized that this would not be enough to be financially solvent and independent in the long term, so over the following decades,
10 Mar 2021
In general, the topic of waste separation and recycling is unfortunately not yet dealt with as intensively in Israel as it is in Europe. Nevertheless, there is a strong interest and only a few competitive machines that can handle the diverse mixed material. In particular, the ARJES shredders of the IMPAKTOR and TITAN classes, whose strengths lie in the asynchronous principle of the shredding shafts, or the so-called omnivores, are very popular. Carmel Natural Products Ltd., which has been responsible for sales in Israel for ARJES for several years, has already convinced numerous interested parties and users of the potential