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26 Jul 2021
On some of our customer machines that were equipped with tool shafts from other manufacturers, increased damage occurred on the side walls of the shredding unit. This led to cracks forming on the diesel tank system as well as considerable deformation of the hopper walls. The cause of this damage lies in the incorrect tool geometries, which carry the material along when the shafts run backwards and thus exert too high forces on the side walls. So-called “forward-backward side-changeable shafts” are not permitted for use with our machines! We would like to point out to our customers and dealers that only original ARJES tool shafts may be used. The use of third-party products during
28 Oct 2019
Even the basic version of the IMPAKTOR 250 EVO is one of the most versatile processing machines on the market with its demand remaining high. In 2019 alone, 175 machines of the ARJES IMPAKTOR 250 EVO were sold. Our employees work at full speed every day to process all incoming orders and thus meet the requirements of our customers. Since the expansion and modernization of our welding facility, the productivity of our unique shredding shafts has also continued to increase! Due to the combination of hook lift system and track system, the 13.5t machine is quick and easy to transport