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22 Feb 2022
Successful model IMPAKTOR 250 evo reaches record of 1,000 units The mobile twin-shaft shredder IMPAKTOR 250 has established itself internationally since its market launch in 2016 and has become an absolute must-have for companies in the demolition and recycling industry. Especially since the launch of the advanced “evo” version at Bauma 2018, demand for the compact shredding wonder has been unabated. Ever since, ARJES’ order books have been full to bursting and the rapid growth of the machine manufacturer from Leimbach is not least due to this innovation. In January 2022, ARJES was able to complete the 1,000th IMPAKTOR 250
10 Mar 2021
In general, the topic of waste separation and recycling is unfortunately not yet dealt with as intensively in Israel as it is in Europe. Nevertheless, there is a strong interest and only a few competitive machines that can handle the diverse mixed material. In particular, the ARJES shredders of the IMPAKTOR and TITAN classes, whose strengths lie in the asynchronous principle of the shredding shafts, or the so-called omnivores, are very popular. Carmel Natural Products Ltd., which has been responsible for sales in Israel for ARJES for several years, has already convinced numerous interested parties and users of the potential
10 Feb 2021
The new partner of Finnish company Kivisampo Oy is German company ARJES, which has been manufacturing twin-shaft shredders in various sizes since 2007. The smallest machine in the ARJES product range has now traveled to many places in Finland as a demonstration machine and the experience from the first round is promising, according to Kivisampo. The double axel tracked compact shredder crushes a wide range of materials without clogging up and with sufficient impact force for its size, thanks to its two slow rotating tool shafts. Initial test runs have successfully crushed: concrete, scrap wood, root wood, plastics, commercial and
5 May 2020
Even during the Corona crisis there is reason for excitement for CEO Thomas Hayn and area sales manager Chris Erbe. The IMPAKTOR 250 is and continues to be the success story for ARJES. ARJES has now sold machine number 500 of the compact two-shaft shredder. Entrepreneur Falk Wedekind, who bought machine 500, received a special machine No. 500 certificate when picking up the machine. Proud and with a positive outlook for the future Chris Erbe greets the entrepreneur Falk Wedekind and his team when handing over the machine at the ARJES manufacturing facility. After start up training on the machine
3 Mar 2020
With its Impaktor 250 EVO, Arjes has discovered a real market niche. That the compact and extremely robust pre-shredder is a true all-rounder is demonstrated during its use at Frey Erdbau in Kupferzell. For company owner Joachim Frey, the Impaktor was almost like a Christmas present. This man knows what he wants – and the first impression is the most important, right? A beaming Joachim Frey greets us happily on site of his company in Kupferzell-Goggenbach and immediately starts up the conversation. “I always want to be one step ahead of my competition, continuously expand my advantages and think further
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