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15 Jul 2021
8 Jul 2021
10 Jun 2021

For a long time the purchase price of steel and other capital goods had decreased or remained the same, but that has not been the case lately, during the past five months the price of purchase has risen sharply. Unfortunately, this affects our end customer directly because the increase in the purchase price on steel and capital goods has a direct impact on the price of the machine and replacement parts whose cost also increases. Several of our competitors as well as machine manufacturers within the industry have already implemented or announced their massive price increase. Read more

3 Jun 2021

“Our ARJES IMPAKTOR 250 evo has dramatically changed the way we recycle and has made hitting our recycling goals simple & easy. 100%.” Aimee Tichband, Managing Director of Copia Metals & Waste limited, talks about the day-to-day challenges of her business and the deal she was able to strike with our UK distributor, Doyle Machinery. Read more

5 May 2021