With the VZ 850, ARJES offers a hydraulic pre-shredder that enjoys an excellent reputation. In fact, this was one of the many reasons for HWH Machines to become the exclusive ARJES dealer in southern Germany. Starting in May, a VZ 850 “Final Edition” has been in operation at Biomassehof Chiemgau – a highly interesting “three-way relationship” that we had the pleasure of taking a closer look at.

“Act sustainably – understand biomass” – under this motto, Biomassehof Chiemgau, located in the idyllic town of Chieming on Lake Chiemsee, processes regionally collected waste wood products from industries, businesses and private households for material and thermal recycling. The joint venture, founded in 2016 by Schaumaier Nachfolger GmbH and Landschaftspflege Mayer GmbH, particularly specialises in the further processing of waste wood of categories I to IV as well as rootstocks and alluvial wood. “About 70 per cent, of the end products go to material recycling, primarily the Austrian chipboard industry, and 30 per cent are used for thermal purposes,” Claus Egger, together with Josef Mayer, is the managing director of the very clean and tidy-looking biomass company, explains to us. “For both sales channels, we need very high-quality processing in order to be able to reliably deliver the required grain sizes, such as G100, in the required quality,” Claus Egger continues. And this is exactly where the new chapter with ARJES and HWH Machines GmbH from Oberderdingen near Bruchsal begins.

Another pillar in cooperation with ARJES

The previously used shredder had been experiencing problems in terms of reliability and service for quite some time, and a new device was needed. At this point, Rainer-Maria Kugler came into the picture as Sales Director for Recycling Technology at HWH. Claus Egger: “I had known him for a long time, he is basically an institution with more than 40 years of experience in sales”. It was also certainly useful that HWH has been the exclusive dealer for ARJES shredders in Bavaria since August 2021.  Rainer-Maria Kugler describes the company philosophy of HWH: “The focus of HWH is actually the purchase and sale of used handling machines. We buy them all over Germany, regardless of the manufacturer, and resell them worldwide. However, we also wanted to open up another pillar of our business and got in touch with ARJES. ARJES is known as a manufacturer of high-quality machines. As well as having very good customer contacts for used ARJES shredders, we ourselves also have customers who are interested in new shredders, so there was immediate mutual interest. Moreover, our customers are very satisfied with our services for handling machines and are therefore also interested in further business relations”. Altogether, this fitted in very well with ARJES’ ideas of being able to work an increasingly large market in a targeted and customer-oriented way. The main focus was on sales in southern Germany and especially in Bavaria, which will be taken care of by HWH’s Lennart Stecher in the future.

In order to convince Claus Egger and the team at Biomassehof Chiemgau of the qualities of the ARJES shredders, a VZ 850 D was brought to Chieming as a demonstration machine, and “that’s exactly what got us all excited”, Claus Egger confirms. “We were able to work with our materials at our site and this shredder fully met our expectations.”

VZ 850 with a legendary status

It is not surprising, as the VZ 850 is a machine that can almost be described as a “legend”. Chris Erbe, ARJES Sales Director, explains best: “VZ means pre-shredder and this specific series has been around since 2012. Prior to that, the former models developed by Norbert Hammel with today’s highly appreciated twin-shaft system were available as early as 1997. Which is why ARJES specialises in the development and manufacture of innovative, slow-running twin-shaft shredders. In order to optimally cope with almost every field of application, synchronous as well as almost asynchronous shaft running is possible. The configuration of the shafts is individually adapted to the respective requirements of the customers. The system has been continuously developed to ensure a simple change of the shaft pair can now be carried out very quickly thanks to our quick-change cassette. Our shredding shafts are also made of a highly wear-resistant steel with excellent surface hardening.”

With the VZ 850 DK, Biomassehof Chiemgau has opted for the model that, with its synchronous shaft system, is valued precisely for its very homogeneous and clean end products. The fact that this machine is also very robust and resistant to disruptions does not need to be emphasised further. The processing capacity of approximately 40,000 tonnes per year, was a very important argument for Biomassehof Chiemgau. By the way, the “K” in the name indicates a mobile machine with track drive, which was one of the deciding factors in Claus Egger’s purchase decision for the biomass farm area of around 3 ha. Chris Erbe addresses another issue: “Despite all the critics – our shafts last far longer than just 200 hours, we assume at least 500 hours, while the demonstrator used here has worked with the same pair of shafts for over 800 hours without any problems. The quality of the material shredding is always important, it should be cut and not broken.”

Worthy successor

At the beginning of May, the new VZ 850 DK was put into operation – the additional designation “Final Edition” could cause some melancholy, but this is of course not the case, as Chris Erbe notes: “Our VZ 850 series is going into a well-deserved retirement, but we can now almost call this successful model a legend. The new EKOMAXX 800 is a more than worthy replacement. We will also be converting our shredders to asynchronous shaft systems, which have simply proven better with different feed materials and are in correspondingly greater demand on the market.” Finally, Claus Egger also confirms that this three-way relationship, which is actually quite fresh, works: “We will buy another ARJES IMPAKTOR 250 evo for the Schaumaier Group, the concept and the machine simply convinced us.”

Report & photos: Helmut Strauß (Editor-in-Chief Stein Verlag)
Published in recycling aktiv magazine, issue 3/2022


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Satisfied faces: f.l.t.r. Reiner Göhler und Peter Hermann (Biomassehof Chiemgau), Stefan Mayer (Landschaftspflege Mayer), Claus Egger (Schaumaier Recycling), Rainer-Maria Kugler (HWH), Josef Mayer (Landschaftspflege Mayer) and Lennart Stecher (HWH)

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