Around 8.500 visitors were able to educate themselves of the performance of more than 1.500 different machines and equipment offered at this year’s RecyclingAKTIV2019 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Over 3 days a total of 3.000 tons of material were moved and processed among those extremely large shredders, excavators bursting with power and high capacity wheel loaders.

There were demonstration areas with wood/minerals and trash/metal and a lot of professionals were able to see the VZ 950 TITAN on the ARJES booth. The mobile shredder showed the widest possible range of applications processing truck tyres, tree roots and more than 120 concrete railway sleepers. During an extra camera installation on the top of the machine the audience was able to see how the revolutionary quick-change shaft system works. There was much opportunity at the RecyclingAKTIV2019 to acquire new customers. Of course many of the existing customers showed a lot of interest on the development from the ARJES TITAN as well.

For the ones that were not able to visit RecyclingAKTIV2019, they now have a second chance to see the ARJES VZ 950 in action. In cooperation with Recycling Park Dorndorf a new video has been created, which shows the ARJES VZ 950 Titan shredding concrete and mixed construction material.


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