With its Impaktor 250 EVO, Arjes has discovered a real market niche. That the compact and extremely robust pre-shredder is a true all-rounder is demonstrated during its use at Frey Erdbau in Kupferzell. For company owner Joachim Frey, the Impaktor was almost like a Christmas present.

This man knows what he wants – and the first impression is the most important, right? A beaming Joachim Frey greets us happily on site of his company in Kupferzell-Goggenbach and immediately starts up the conversation.
“I always want to be one step ahead of my competition, continuously expand my advantages and think further than others. Although all that is only possible if you put heart and soul into your business, constantly realise new ideas and have the right machinery!” The certified agricultural machinery mechanic made turned his passion into his job by founding his own company “Frey Erdbau” in 2006. Today, the company consists of 7 employees including Frey’s father who, after 70 years, still vigorously helps wherever he can, especially by doing repair works or helping out in the workshop. According to Frey his company focuses on 2 main sectors: “About 80 % of our work is being carried out in the demolition sector whilst the rest is earth mining. From his home town Kupferzell in the Franconian North of Baden Würtemberg he covers orders up to a radius of 50km. He says: “Sometimes we even drive as far as Stuttgart if we get an inquiry that is particularly tricky and that nobody else wants to do.” Demolition is always needed in rural areas. What started with moving pigs out of their stalls is far more challenging in today’s time. Deconstruction, is what you call it justifiably. „The completely planned deconstruction of a building with separation of the accumulating materials requires appropriate knowledge and suitable machine equipment, which must be very flexible in use and, above all, robust. The demolition business is not for the faint-hearted!”

“Suitable, flexible and robust”, are the perfect keywords for the Arjes Impaktor 250 EVO, which seems to be calmly waiting in the background for its use.
Then let’s head to the “bad boy”, or, as Joachim Frey also calls it, his “omnivore”.

And how do you get to Arjes? That’s another exciting story Joachim Frey likes to remember: “About half a year before Bauma in 2016, I was allowed to test a prototype of the Impaktor 250. The machine came to us via Kurz Aufbereitungsanlagen and took liking to it immediately. Especially the basic principle convinced me. A small, compact and yet very powerful machine that is able to crush construction waste without any major problems. That was the beginning!” And, in fact, during Bauma in 2016 ARJES presented the IMPAKTOR 250, a primary shredder which, by its name alone, should “strike”. The sales representatives from “KURZ”, Johannes May and Marcus Itzerott, who are specifically responsible for contact with Arjes, accompanied us to today’s appointment and also fondly remember the prototype demonstration: “It was the prototype with serial number 17. The machine convinced Joachim Frey to rent an Arjes Impaktor with us.” KURZ Aufbereitungsanlagen are dealers for ARJES in South Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and a part of Rhineland-Palatinate, to be exact. In the name of ARJES they take care of the service, spare parts and, of course, the customers in general. Therefore, they know the demands and expectations of Joachim Frey very well. The Impaktor 250 has certainly opened up a gap in the market – it is a very well designed and practice oriented machine for medium-sized construction companies and contractors who need to operate quickly and flexibly”.

On the basis of customer experiences like that the consistent further development, namely the Impaktor 250 EVO, was presented in 2019 following the presentation of the first model in 2016. Martin Priewe, responsible for marketing at Arjes, has now joined us and can proudly report: “In 2019 alone, we sold more than 200 Impaktor 250 EVO machines, which proves how well it is received. And what is the secret of their success? The three Arjes representatives agree: ”The possible fields of application alone are enormous – from bulky waste, waste wood, tyres and mattresses, the spectrum ranges right through to minerals, i.e. building rubble, mixed construction waste and natural stone. This is made possible by the Arjes-typical two-shaft system, which can be handled extremely easy using our specially developed quick-exchange system. The processing of the different materials is carried out by two differently shaped shafts – rather long and pointed for the woody and garbage-like materials, and rather round for the minerals. Let’s not forget the mobility. Due to the hooklift on the machine it is very easy to transport the machine to the requested spot on site. Especially since the basic version has a weight of only 13.5 tons. At the place of work the compact machine can be moved effortlessly and in a space saving manner via its own track system. With the remote control it is possible for the customer to adjust side combs and screens to specific circumstances. Every feature of the remote control is easily accessible.

According to Joachim Frey, the simple transport to any place of work, has already more than proven itself – the exchange of the 3 tons shafts can be done within 60 minutes and the help of two men and an excavator or wheel loader – “If necessary, I am even able to crush rootstocks with the mineral shafts! Every once in a while they can do that without any problems!” In the case of debris, a grain size of 0-60 mm is achieved when the screen baskets are connected, without the screen it is 0-150 mm, and both times without small particles. “This allows us to operate at our construction sites in an optimal way, especially when it comes to crushing heavily reinforced concrete, railway sleepers, asphalt or even larger concrete or asphalt panels. Everything works without problems. I shall also mention the ease of maintenance!” There is another important reason for Johannes Mayer and Marcus Itzerott to choose the Impaktor 250 EVO: “The price-performance ratio is simply unsurpassed in this class. That also counts for our customers.” For Martin Priewe, on the other hand, the Impaktor is a fine example of Arjes’ company philosophy: “Never stand still, always develop further even try the impossible and exchange ideas with dealers and customers to achieve these goals, this brings us and, above all, the customers forward”. Joachim Frey is highly satisfied, his wife has already taken notice of that and enjoys coming home to a happy and excited husband. “We got the Arjes Impaktor just before Christmas – for me it was a great Christmas present!” If that’s not praise …

Report: Helmut Strauß

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