First start-up of the 200th TITAN 950 machine type!

Sometimes, like everything else in life, the paths traveled between ARJES and its partners have not been easy. However, time proves that having determination and confidence pays off in the long run. We often experience how initial skepticism turns into trust, resulting in the promised success.  Just like our compact shredding wonder IMPAKTOR, which after 6 years has become an indispensable part of the recycling market; our high-performance shredder, TITAN, has also become a real guarantee of success over the past 2 years.

At the beginning of July 2021, filled with pride, ARJES sales representative Chris Erbe presented the award for the commissioning of the 200th TITAN 950 machine to Andreas Zeller, Managing Director of Zeller Recycling GmbH. Andreas Gruber and Lutz Kastler, plant managers, were also present at the handover and first test run of the shredder in Mutterstadt / Rhineland-Palatinate. Although the initial conditions before the signing of the purchase contract were not exactly the best and other competitors were also knocking on this door, the TITAN 950 was able to stand its ground for the next tasks imposed at the recycling yard.

The Zeller Company was founded in 1980 by the father of the current managing director. Werner Zeller started the company by offering waste disposal and container services. By 1988, the site had developed into a major recycling center in the region and became Zeller Recycling GmbH in 1991. Since 2004, the son of the founder, Andreas Zeller, has led the company consisting now of a 150 employee team; working in the field of container services, waste disposal, recycling and natural energy. Today, along with its wide range of products, the company offers all their services within the value chain and extracts high-quality recyclables through state-of-the-art facilities to market the recovered recycling components. Green waste, waste wood, commercial waste as well as difficult materials such as car tires, big bags or covering fleece from the agricultural and industrial sectors are all the difficult  materials Zeller faces the challenge of on a daily basis.

Zeller had his first encounter with Norbert Hammel through the former well-known company of the ARJES founder. In 2010, Hammel presented the RAPTOR XL, one of the first new machine developments of ARJES GmbH, and Zeller decided to use this shredder. Many months, almost years had passed during in which the plant caused more problems than benefited. However, both the ARJES team and Zeller did not give up and tried to get the machine up and running. After all the nerve-wracking efforts, service and overhauls, they finally succeeded in getting the plant fully operational. With approximately 18,000 hours of operation, the shredder is still working today on the Zeller Recycling site where it processes waste wood used for recycling.

With his latest acquisition, the TITAN 950, Zeller is looking forward to regaining credibility in ARJES and trusts that the difficulties of the past will not repeat themselves. On the same day the 200th powerful twin-shaft shredder was commissioned, it was put directly to the test. Covering fleece measuring 50 to 100 meters long, mainly used in agriculture to protect arable land, was easily pre-shredded by the TITAN 950 at the recycling yard. Thanks to the asynchronous shredding technology of the ARJES tool shafts, the material is cut up in the best possible way avoiding wrapping as good as possible. The shredded material is then added to the remaining commercial waste for further processing within the treatment process. What Andreas Zeller finds particularly appealing about the TITAN 950 is the machine’s simple and easily assessable technology as well as its variety of applications. If, for example, another system fails at the recycling yard, the contractor quickly has a redundant machine ready to bridge the gap. Thanks to the mobility offered by the machine’s standard chain track system, the shredder can be moved to be used wherever it is needed to shred whatever; whether it’s commercial or hazardous waste, waste wood, green waste or whatever else is to be found on the extensive premises of Zeller Recycling GmbH. In order to protect the ground surfaces, the TITAN 950 will be equipped within the next weeks with additional rubber elements for the chain track, promised sales representative Chris Erbe at the final meeting with management.

In addition to a large variety of materials and thus a wide range of high-quality recyclable materials, Zeller Recycling GmbH expects a stable order situation with serious economic planning in the future. We wish the company continued success and hope that our TITAN 950 number 200 will make its contribution.

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