Successful model IMPAKTOR 250 evo reaches record of 1,000 units

The mobile twin-shaft shredder IMPAKTOR 250 has established itself internationally since its market launch in 2016 and has become an absolute must-have for companies in the demolition and recycling industry. Especially since the launch of the advanced “evo” version at Bauma 2018, demand for the compact shredding wonder has been unabated. Ever since, ARJES’ order books have been full to bursting and the rapid growth of the machine manufacturer from Leimbach is not least due to this innovation.

In January 2022, ARJES was able to complete the 1,000th IMPAKTOR 250 evo and commission the successful model at the end customer Dunmow Group via its British sales partner Doyle Machinery. “When Willie told me we were getting the thousandth IMPAKTOR, I didn’t really know what to do with it at first. There are a lot of them in use in the UK and I honestly didn’t realise how good the machine really is. It’s a fantastic machine,” recalls Sam Malins (Managing Director of Dunmow Group) happily when he heard from William Doyle (Managing Director of Doyle Machinery) about receiving the anniversary machine.

Dunmow Group and Doyle Machinery – experts in their business

For more than 10 years, the two entrepreneurs Willie Doyle and Sam Malins have maintained an profound business relationship. Especially in the past 5 years, ARJES shredders have become more and more important in the UK due to their excellent price-performance ratio. “These days it is nice to have a machine that simply consists of engine, gearbox, hydraulics and shredding shafts, without a lot of electronics that will break sooner or later,” Sam Malins points out. Dunmow plans to use the IMPAKTOR 250 evo for processing waste wood, but mainly for crushing hardcore waste. “What I really like is the constant throughput of 70 to 80 t/h that the machine works with. That’s just what it reliably does, all day – every day.” With the anniversary machine, Dunmow has been able to put the first IMPAKTOR 250 evo into operation. Shortly afterwards, Sam Malins was determined to order two more.

Based in Chelmsford, Dunmow Group offers a range of waste management, clearance and skip hire services to support its diverse customer base. Dunmow’s roots date back to 1987 when the company was primarily involved in skip hire. “We are very fortunate to operate in the heart of one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Thousands of homes have been built around Chelmsford in recent years. Waste management remains the biggest and strongest part of the business,” says Dunmow’s managing director. Today, with three sites in Essex, the company is the largest waste management company in the region and also offers liquid recycling and metal recycling services. “Our goal is continuously develop the South East and strategically find new sites and outposts.” Sam Malins is proud of his great team of depot managers and staff who make working at Dunmow feel alive every day.

During the commissioning of the IMPAKTOR 250 evo, the official ARJES sales partner Doyle Machinery was able to expertly accompany the end customer through its field sales representative Patrick King. After loading at the recycling yard and a short briefing on all the essential functions for handling the compact twin-shaft shredder, the machine was put straight to work doing what it does best – consistently shredding! There has been a very long and good, as the two managing directors themselves say, “simple, direct and above all honest relationship” between Willie Doyle and Sam Malins’ companies. For a number of years now, Patrick has been responsible for the Dunmow Group and Sam has nothing but positive things to say about working with him. “Patrick is a fantastic guy. He knows the industry, he knows the machines and he always goes the extra mile for us. I enjoy working with him and taking his advice and suggestions for improvement. Sometimes he arrives at 05:00 in the morning and leaves other things for it. He is really a great guy. Patrick and Willie are the two who stand out for me. Their recommendations and strategies are just reliable.”

That is something to be proud of

In addition to the IMPAKTOR 250 evo, the ARJES TITAN 950 has also been creating a lot of space in the halls of Dunmow’s recycling yard for some time. With the powerful shredder, the company shreds around 500 – 600 tons of bulky waste per day and already has more than 1500 operating hours on the meter. And because the operators of the plant have so much fun with the shredder, some special competitions are not to be missed. On Dunmow’s social media channels, for example, Sam and his colleague Edward Barnes show, highly entertaining, how the shredding of a complete boat or a London taxi could look – it’s worth tuning in!

Dunmow Group is committed to getting a grip on the essential cornerstones of the trade. This means getting all the heavy components out of our waste streams and committing to 100% waste recycling to ensure environmental sustainability. It’s a key theme that Doyle Machinery is also addressing and will be showcasing its portfolio of ARJES twin-shaft shredders, along with expert advice, at Hillhead in Buxton as well as RWM – Lets Recycle Live in Birmingham 2022. We are already looking forward to seeing if the IMPAKTOR and TITAN will also be in action there.


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Sam Malins (CEO Dunmow Group) and Patrick King (Field Sales Representative Doyle Machinery) at the handover of the 1000th IMPAKTOR 250 evo machine

The compact twin-shaft shredder in the Special Dunmow design

Delivery at Dunmow’s recycling yard in Chelmsford

The making of the anniversary machine IMPAKTOR 250 evo