The year 2020 is a matter of the past now but, like many other companies, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have not gone by us without leaving a trace. Nevertheless, we can proudly announce that, despite all the circumstances, we were able to conclude the past year as the year with the highest turnover and thus the most successful year in the company’s history.  As every year, we wanted to draw our attention to people that have not been as fortunate and blessed as us. ARJES GmbH once again decided to forego gifts for our business partners and make a generous donation to people in need instead.  We supported our regional Hospice Center in Bad Salzungen with a donation of €2.500!  Another €2.500 was donated to a family whose fate hit hard when the mother of 5 children died from cancer at just 35 years old; her youngest child being just 1.5 years old.  It was a tragic story that touched the hearts of many throughout the state of Thuringia. We wish the family a lot of strength and hope to have been able to provide a “little” help with our contribution.

The New Year started the same way the previous one ended. As most countries we are currently in lock down, but that does not mean the gears stop motion for ARJES GmbH. Since the beginning of the year, our strategic reorientation is in full swing and a lot has already happened on our premises. We are expanding our production capacity with a new production hall for our IMPAKTOR type as well as creating new storage facilities for machines and components. Furthermore, we are building three new loading ramps and new parking areas for our employees. Other construction plans, such as the expansion of our welding shop, are already on the way.

Whatever 2021 brings, we are ready to take on any challenge to continue to make a significant contribution to the recycling industry and to grow steadily as a company.


If you would like to help too! More information about the donation recipients: (Report on Nicole Kühn from 08.11.2020)
 (Report on Nicole Kühn from 06.12.2020)