Over the past 15 years, ARJES has significantly expanded its market share in the recycling industry in Europe, North and South America, and some areas of Asia. Now known for its twin-shaft shredders, the manufacturer plans to strengthen its presence in Australia through an exclusive distribution deal with Tricon Equipment. Under the terms of the agreement, Tricon will market ARJES’ entire product range nationwide, including both its diesel and electric shredders. Even though the ARJES brand has already been present in Australia in recent years, this partnership with Tricon Equipment is expected to expand this presence and ensure strong future growth.

Paul Knauer, Regional Manager of Tricon Equipment, believes that such cooperation will help meet the growing demand for such systems and thus expand ARJES’ presence in Australia. “Our customer base has been looking for ways to add significant value to their reuse of waste,” says Knauer. “Tricon’s product range already consists of several machines used in the recycling industry. Together with ARJES, we’re seeking to further expand our operations in this ever-growing industry.”

According to the Bureau of International Recycling, the use of recycled materials could save on more than 700 million tons of CO2 emissions and cover 40 percent of the world’s demand for raw materials each year. In the case of the construction industry, one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world, recycled waste could be processed for reuse on new road, civil engineering, and landfill projects. According to Knauer, Tricon Equipment has a similar vision to ARJES when it comes to recycled materials. “Our business strategy is focused on meeting the needs of our loyal customer base and helping to continue the rising use of recycled materials in the construction industry. This is one of the main reasons we chose ARJES’ twin-shaft shredders for our operations in Australia,” he explains.

ARJES’ range is a great complement to Tricon Equipment’s existing waste and recycling machines. The three product lines IMPAKTOR, EKOMAXX, and TITAN are designed for a range of different applications and always offer customers pre-shredding solutions for their unique problems. “Tricon has always strived to provide the market with quality products. ARJES’ twin-shaft shredders fit right into our current streamlined range of systems,” says Paul Knauer, Regional Manager of Tricon Equipment.

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The Tricon Equipment team (from left to right) Michael Tripolone, Renée Walker, Chris Mulally and Jonathan Rump