Even during the Corona crisis there is reason for excitement for CEO Thomas Hayn and area sales manager Chris Erbe. The IMPAKTOR 250 is and continues to be the success story for ARJES. ARJES has now sold machine number 500 of the compact two-shaft shredder. Entrepreneur Falk Wedekind, who bought machine 500, received a special machine No. 500 certificate when picking up the machine.

Proud and with a positive outlook for the future Chris Erbe greets the entrepreneur Falk Wedekind and his team when handing over the machine at the ARJES manufacturing facility. After start up training on the machine and visiting the company manufacturing facility he and Thomas Hayn handed over the machine no. 500 certificate for the IMPAKTOR 250 EVO. The customer told us about his company and why he decided to buy the IMPAKTOR 250 EVO for his recycling tasks.

Company Falk Wedeking was founded 2005 in Dingelstädt close to Leinefelde in Thuringia. The company started with an 8-year-old Multicar, a 13 year-old roll-off container truck and a small stock of gravel, ballast and sand. Today the company has 30 great employees and a number of containers, machines and trucks. Falk Wedekind owns wheel loaders, excavators, container and dump trucks, screeners and a ARJES wood shredder from 2008 that still does the job. The environmentally certified company since 2016, Falk Wedekind Containerdienst has grown in the past years and now resides on approximately 23.000 sqm and a further location in Teistungen. At the beginning of 2020 the subsidiary Falk Wedekind Metallrecycling GmbH was founded to process ferrous scrap, non-ferrous metals and cables.

„The company offers container- and transport services for mixed construction debris, earth, C&D and scrap metal. We offer disposal, clearance services and demolition and clear out of flats, houses and other buildings or land,” tells Falk Wedekind during his visit at the manufacturing facility of ARJES. “We offer in addition a large variety of raw and construction materials. We sell gravel, grit, sand and ballast and different decorative stones, mulch and topsoil.”

“The IMPAKTOR 250 EVO will make sure there is order and cleanliness through direct shredding of the disposed materials dumped at the company grounds”, with the words of Falk Wedekind. Until now a certain tonnage of disposed materials had to be collected, before a treatment was feasible. Two major arguments made the decision for the ARJES IMPAKTOR 250 EVO: “The shredder is very compact and fuel efficient and can process a wide variety of different smaller amounts of material” and “the quick-change function of the shafts allows to change shafts that are better suited for certain materials in no time at all”. The solution for the company, that handles a wide variety of materials from households, such as mixed construction debris, earth/gravel, C&D, bulky waste, green waste, stems, waste wood, insulation materials, roofing felt, etc. on a daily basis.

We wish Falk Wedekind Containerdiens, Roh- & Baustoffzentrum a lot of success with the IMPAKTOR 250 EVO and thank him for his trust.